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Old 3-2-16, 07:27 PM   #1
gustavo woltman
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Explain this to me please.

I set up an account for someone to use as there directory. Explain this path to me please. Explain this path to me


seafood is the directory that his stuff is in. understand
htdocs is the stuff that all html is ultimately in. understand
thejump mywebsite name think i understand setup by powweb
t why the t?
www why the www?

Can you use relative paths when you refrence a cgi like this below?
<!--#exec cgi="../../cgi-bin/seafood/cc_log.pl"-->

tried absolute and I get errors tried absolute like this

and this


but the script still doesn't work. Of course there could be other errors that are causing this to not work.
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Originally Posted by gustavo woltman View Post
<!--#exec cgi="../../cgi-bin/seafood/cc_log.pl"-->
The cgi-bin directory is in the htdocs directory. So a relative path from the seafood directory would be ../cgi-bin/
-bruce /* somdcomputerguy */
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