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Old 3-1-04, 03:01 PM   #1
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Windows Media Encoder - NO SOUND?!?

I downloaded Windows Media Encoder 9 series from the MS web site.
I already have some MPEG2 files that I need converted. The mpgs themselves are fine (sound, etc). HOWEVER, when I convert them to wmv's....no sound results. Video fine...just no sound.

I have looked EVERYWHERE for an audio input level...and can find NOTHING in the encoder software. It's driving me bannanas!!

One of the viewable options during encoding is an audio level bar. It just has one little green level down at the bottom.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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what program are you using to compress with? If its Premiere... I can get you the link to what "should" solve your problem.
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Old 3-1-04, 03:13 PM   #3
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My hardware is a Dazzle 150. The software is something called MovieStar 5.

That is what I am using to encode it to an mpeg....which does okay.

AND....the MovieStar 5 does have an older MS player encoder (it makes .asf files - and the sound is encoded - it is just a bit staticy and I was gonning to give the newer one (series 9) and try.

also....if I may ask a follow up question - I also created a .rm (real media) file too (the MovieStar 5 software also has an older realmedia encoder). It works okay....but when I post it on my site, then click its link...it will only download. I cannot get it to stream like the MS encoded files.

Thanks very much for your feedback.
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I know that's for premiere... but it has a bunch of the new codecs. I'm not sure what else it has, I did notice some changes to my mpeg stuff in premiere when I added it but I do my vids in WMV (which will also play on MAC even though its Windows Media Video). MPG's are usually larger than wmv's and yes, the quality can be better at times but if you tinker with a WMV, you can cut the size of the same MPG in half or better.

Like I say, I know that's for Premiere but I think the main thing is to get the codecs into the system directory (or where ever it decides to hide them). It may or may not work with your software but if you're on highspeed, what would it hurt to download and try? If not, yes, its almost 10 meg so it would take the better part of an hour.

I'm still looking things up for you though.

I'm also looking into the RA issue. I know there's other posts here about ra and streaming and if I'm not mistaken, it has to be coded to force a stream vs download.
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has some streaming info in it.

here's the encoder program straight from MS to do WMV
thanks to Rick_E in http://forum.powweb.com/showthread.p...threadid=30516 for that one.
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Old 3-1-04, 04:12 PM   #6
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Thanks for those links.....especially the ms one.

When you mentioned the .rm streaming being a coding issue...I checked a few forums.

The following will make an .rm stream. The deal is, you can't link directly to the .rm file itself (like with an .asf or wmv). You have to create a pointer file ending in .ram. Here's the directions that worked.

Create your .rm file and place it on the server.

Then, create a simple text file with one line: the complete http:// path to the.rm file.

Call this file xxx.RAM

Have your user link to that RAM file.

For instance:
...your sound file is called mysong.rm in directory songs
create a file with one line:

Call this file mysong.RAM and link to IT. There is something about the .RAM extension that will do the rest.

Linking to the .ram file will stream. Linking directly to the .rm file will download.


Take Care.
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kev100 says: "...when I convert them to wmv's....no sound results. Video fine...just no sound. I have looked EVERYWHERE for an audio input level...and can find NOTHING in the encoder software..."

What you're looking for may not be in the encoder software. You may need to enable and set the level of the appropriate device in your computer's sound mixer. This controls the playback of sound from your file.

Double-click on the volume control icon in the control panel. Then, depending on your mixer program, you may need to select the Options menu and choose "Recording Controls" or "Advanced Controls" in order to see the recording controls.

To find the specific device you need, you can enable all of the devices to begin then eliminate them one by one. Also, don't forget to advance the playback volume.

On some mixers you enable the device by removing the check in the "mute" box.

Note: You may not see the audio level meter bounce in the encoder software until you're in the encoding mode.
All the best, Rick E

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