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Old 7-27-10, 02:41 PM   #1
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Can't upload photos from my memory card

I bought a Samsung ST61 digital camera and a 4GB SD memory card. I have been trying to upload my photos but my pc shows no pics when I open the folder. I uploaded the cd that came with the camera. It does recognise the camera, shows folders (DATABASE and DCIM) as stated by the manufacturer. The photos are supposed to be in DCIM. I thought the problem might have been with the camera. I tried to send photos to the card (Copy to Card option) but the message ' No image file' came up. When I took out the memory card, the camera did not have any photos so they must be on the memory card. I bought a memory card reader which is supposed to read SDHC memory cards but still no photos in the DCIM folder.
My photos are still there. I can browse them but for some reason I can't upload them.

Hope someone can help me.

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Old 7-27-10, 03:04 PM   #2
Doc C
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You might also try Samsung Support if you haven't already.
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Old 7-27-10, 03:04 PM   #3
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Which operating system are you using?
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Old 7-27-10, 04:29 PM   #4
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I've got Windows XP. I have now realised that I didn't format my memory card before using the camera.
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Old 7-28-10, 07:09 PM   #5
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that's weird. An SD card is just a type of storage... if the files are on there, they should show up when you plug it into your SD card reader. I'd definitely talk to Samsung about it. If you're seeing the DCIM folder, it's not a problem with the SD card or your reader, it has to be an issue with the camera. Maybe it's having issues copying the pics from internal memory to the SD card?

Does the camera have a usb connection? If it does, you can try connecting the camera to the pc and see if maybe you can find the pics that way, though I wouldn't hold my breath. I think Samsung tech support is your best bet, or maybe some user forums.
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Old 7-29-10, 12:03 PM   #6
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So...pictures you were taking were only being stored on the internal memory and not the card?
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